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Buddhist Monk Meditating

There is no right or wrong.
There are only lessons.


“There is no Right or Wrong” is the captivating true story of the author spread over five decades until the present.

In this deeply moving memoir, Sandeep Khera takes readers through the unusual events that have shaped his life.

He candidly recounts his difficult childhood, filled with challenges as one of the most mischievous, insecure and stubborn kids in the school. His restless soul seeks fulfilment in moving away from what most people cling to as ‘security’.

Adventurism and the quest to explore the ‘unknown’ take him to places like the wild Savannahs of Africa and the frigid deserts of Mongolia.

The unusual life events and unconventional choices help him discover deep spiritual insights in temples near the banks of sacred Ganges in the foothills of lofty Himalayas.

Sandeep has beautifully merged the intellectualism of the West with the spiritualism of the East while offering lessons to today’s corporate world and making them relevant for these turbulent times.

The confessional tone of the author is laden with emotions. His lessons are universal, inspiring us to lead a meaningful life of growth, well-being and happiness.

We often seek binary answers to our actions, while none exist.

—There Is No Right or Wrong. There are only lessons.

P.S. As a humble gesture of support, all proceeds from this book will be contributed to old age homes, which inhabit the most beautiful people.

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