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Technology Mentoring

Sandeep mentors’ technology executives who are wanting to improve their influence and the performance of the technology team. He helps corporates increase efficiencies, lower costs & solve the problems which internal teams or existing suppliers can’t.

His skill and experiences have assisted several executives seeking:

  • Greater business relevance and evolving thinking from ‘the back to the front office’

  • Clarity of thought, investing their time in what truly matters and unleashing their people’s potential

  • Improvement in Executive/Board and peer relationships.


Those who have worked with Sandeep have developed leadership scale and learnt to communicate with the CXO, management and broader organisational communities.

Today’s world is all about ‘working with influence’

This service is FREE and open to all, subject to availability. Sandeep has a genuine passion for helping others and a knack for working with people from diverse backgrounds. Over the last few years, he has delivered insightful and informal workshops and keynotes internationally to both professionals and students. The intention of these sessions is to help those dealing with setbacks, personal problems or depression to:

  • Focus and progress their life with clear thinking

  • Build confidence & self-esteem

  • Change lifestyle through yoga. meditation or stress relief techniques

  • Find happiness within

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Life Coaching

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